Monday, March 4, 2013

Opening the Door

I love the aspect of people volunteering. In essence, it reveals a characteristic where everyone could not only learn more about others, but themselves. We as people depend on one another, and would relate to the idea of pain more easily than anything I have noticed. In response to this, we often form groups and raise awareness to issues in order to help the society as a whole. Though we do not believe in the same ideals, we as a whole can still function with one another regardless.

Today with Habitat for Humanity, I had the honor of working with various people both old and young. What I enjoy the most about the process of building houses is the details itself. Everyone contributed in a unique way whether it is painting the doors, nailing the walls, laying down the tiles, and so forth. Not every measurement is the same, and adjustments are always made in order for a secure structure.

In a way, a house is like a person. It can breakdown and sometimes ends up being more of a burden than imagined. However, it can also be inviting, give support, and even hope for the future. I believe that we as people have a niche for helping one another and contributing to what we do in a unique way as intricate as the details in building houses. What makes one house different from one another is whether they are willing to open the doors for others when needed. Even though we are all volunteering for others in this break, may we be able to open the door for others afterwards too.

By: Phuong Nguyen

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